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Stéphanie: A Life in the Shadow of Mayerling

By Lucy Coatman Twitter: lucy_coatman Instagram: lucycoatman Cover Image: Crown Princess Stéphanie, mid-1890s, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:St%C3%A9phanie,_Crown_Princess_of_Austria-Hungary.jpg ‘Dear Stéphanie, You are freed from the torment of my presence. Be happy in your own way. Be good to our poor daughter, who is all that is left of me. […] I face death calmly, death alone can save myContinue reading “Stéphanie: A Life in the Shadow of Mayerling”

The Marriage of Augusta of Saxe-Gotha and Frederick, Prince of Wales

By Amy-Jane Humphries In April 1736, Britain and the Hanoverian royal family celebrated the marriage of the heir apparent, Frederick, Prince of Wales, to Augusta of Saxe-Gotha. With this union, the monarchy found itself in a unique position. For the first time since they had inherited the throne from Queen Anne in 1714, the HanoveriansContinue reading “The Marriage of Augusta of Saxe-Gotha and Frederick, Prince of Wales”

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