Photo by Andy Sillen-McMillin.

Welcome to Team Queens!

We are Team Queens, a group of historians invested in making global queenship more engaging and more accessible to a wider audience. Our backgrounds in heritage, teaching, social media, and public engagement have shaped us as scholars and we are enthusiastic about bringing knowledge around all things queens to you!

This project has been set up by a group of enthusiastic historians who specialise in queenship and want to engage the public with global queens across time. Find us on Twitter and Instagram @teamqueenshist where we will be showcasing our research and doing #QueenoftheDay posts several times a week, or explore our website where we will be reviewing fiction and non fiction books for you, sharing regular updates on our own research, and bringing special guest posts to you on all things queens!

If you have a suggestion or query for a topic you’d like to know more about, feel free to contact us and one of us will get back to you. For the introductory posts, including social media handles, for each member of #teamqueens working on the project, click their name, and if you’d like to find out more we can be contacted via the ‘Contact’ page. The people behind #TeamQueens are Dr Gabby Storey, Dr Ellie Woodacre, Amy-Jane Humphries, Catherine Capel, Holly Marsden, Jack Beesley, Johanna Strong, Katia Wright, Louise Gay, and Victoria Rasbridge. Previous team members include Amy Saunders and Andrea Sillen-McMillin.

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