Farewell followers!

By Gabby Storey

**Website no longer updated as of 1 January 2023. All enquiries to Dr Gabrielle Storey.**

When we originally started this project in the winter of 2020, we had no idea what the response would be on social media and usage of the website itself. Our main aim at the outset of the project was to expand people’s knowledge of queens from around the globe and share our passion for female rulership, and we hope you’ve all enjoyed learning about these women with us!

This website will remain a permanent standing resource: though it will no longer be updated as of 31 December 2022, it stands as a testament to the hard work of the members of #TeamQueens, past and present, who have all contributed to the blog or the Queen of the Day Biographies. From Native America to Egypt to Peru to Korea, we’ve uncovered female rulers from around the world. Though the website does not cover every country (and certainly not every queen), we hope it provides an insight into some of the many women who have ruled in history, and resources for taking your own interest further. In addition to the bibliographies on each country page, the Resources tab will also provide more accessible links for those interested in royal studies.

As the founder of the project, it has been a privilege to have worked with so many enthusiastic scholars during its course, and I have huge thanks to give to Dr Johanna Strong and Holly Marsden in particular, but also to the other members of #TeamQueens: Andy, Amy-Jane, Amy, Cathy, Jack, Louise, Katia, Vicky, and of course the founder of the original #TeamQueens community, Dr Ellie Woodacre. I’d also like to thank the guest contributors to our blog over the last two years.

Though the digital project is coming to an end, the #TeamQueens community is very much continuing – you can find out more about what we’re up to on Twitter, and we’re always keen to hear about more people working on queenship!

Lastly, a huge thank you to all our followers and subscribers: your engagement and enthusiasm is what has kept the project alive, and we hope you’ve enjoyed and learned from it. Thank you for sharing our passion for global queenship!

One thought on “Farewell followers!

  1. I have enjoyed following your posts over the years. Learned a lot! Many thanks to all of you at Team Queens.


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