Introduction to #TeamQueens!

Hi, and welcome to the Team Queens website! This first post is a brief intro to our exciting new global queenship project and what will be coming up in the next few months…

This project aims to introduce global queenship to a new audience, and to showcase a host of queens to those with an interest in the topic. We’ll be running Queen of the Day (#QueenoftheDay #QOTD) posts several times a week, covering vast geographical and temporal spans, on our social media pages. We’ll also be providing weekly to fortnightly posts on this website on topics linked to global queenship and explainers for common topics such as Salic Law. There will also be reviews of both fiction and non-fiction history books, and guest posts and interviews with those researching and publishing the latest work in the field.

In due course we will have a ‘Resources’ page running which is regularly updated with a host of podcasts, useful websites, and recommended reading for anyone interested in the topic. The aim of this project is to make global queenship open and accessible to all as a point of interest, and move away from an Anglocentric focus. As such, we will be providing posts in several languages which are accompanied with an English translation.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy exploring the site and our research! We’ll be showcasing the scholars behind the #teamqueens project in the coming weeks before launching into topical posts, however if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us – and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @teamqueenshist.

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