Scholar Introduction: Victoria Rasbridge

Having completed her undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Oxford, Victoria is currently pursuing a PhD in Spanish at University College London (UCL), funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council UK. In addition to her AHRC studentship, Victoria is an ARTES-CEEH scholar and has been awarded the Everett W. Hesse prize by the Association of Hispanic Classical Theater.

Her research focuses primarily on the theatre of the Spanish Golden Age, and she has a particular interest in questions of gender and identity. Her doctoral thesis explores the representation of queenship in the Spanish comedia and aims to develop a new intersectional framework through which the character of the queen, and the multiplicity of her identity, can be better understood. Her other interests include early modern history, cultural production, and performance and she has recently published on the ‘Performance of Power’.

Victoria works as the joint-lead Postgraduate Teaching Assistant in the Spanish department at UCL where she is also the co-convenor of both the Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies seminars and the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies seminar series. Victoria also acts as an ambassador and student representative for the London Arts and Humanities Partnership and works as a mentor to both masters and PhD students at UCL.

She can be found on Twitter @VRasbridge.

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