Katherine Parr, religious reform, and the battle for the throne

By June Woolerton Twitter: @mrsrjgiven On a summer’s day in 1546, the Queen of England was walking with her husband when guards arrived to arrest her. King Henry VIII had already had two of his previous wives detained and later executed and for a moment there was every indication that his sixth consort was aboutContinue reading “Katherine Parr, religious reform, and the battle for the throne”

Scholar Introduction: Gabby Storey

Hi, and welcome to the first introductory post to a member of #teamqueens! We’ll have several of these brief posts running over the next few weeks so you can put a name to a face, and find out more about all the wonderful team behind Team Queens! Dr Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Storey is a specialist inContinue reading “Scholar Introduction: Gabby Storey”