A Forgotten Queen: Mary of Modena

By Susannah Lyon-Whaley One early modern queen consort has not yet received her share of the limelight, despite a dramatic and remarkable life. Mary of Modena (1658-1718), born Maria Beatrice Eleonora Anna Margherita Isabella d’Este, married James, duke of York (1633-1701) in 1673. She was only fifteen, and the duke was forty. While such ageContinue reading “A Forgotten Queen: Mary of Modena”

Katherine Parr, religious reform, and the battle for the throne

By June Woolerton Twitter: @mrsrjgiven On a summer’s day in 1546, the Queen of England was walking with her husband when guards arrived to arrest her. King Henry VIII had already had two of his previous wives detained and later executed and for a moment there was every indication that his sixth consort was aboutContinue reading “Katherine Parr, religious reform, and the battle for the throne”