Scholar Introduction: Amy-Jane Humphries

Amy-Jane Humphries is a recent postgraduate alumna from the University of Winchester. Her Masters dissertation explored the queenship of Margaret of Anjou and Henrietta Maria with a particular focus on how they operated as queens during the Wars of the Roses and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. The range of her main research interests is largely encapsulated by this dissertation, but she has since begun to explore the queenship of the early-Hanoverian queens, Caroline of Ansbach and Charlotte of Mecklenberg-Strelitz, and the role of their respective daughter- and mother-in-law, Augusta, Princess of Wales. Amy is particularly interested in historical narratives that are obscured from view, especially in the public sphere, and is always striving to make sure these stories are told. She is therefore interested in both global queenship and local history, because sometimes the stories closest to us are the ones we lose sight of first.

Outside of history, Amy can often be found buried in some sort of Star Wars-related media. She is also a keen cook and baker (of mainly bread, but she does make a killer cheese scone) and is firm in the belief that once you’ve made your own bread, shop-bought will never ever be enough. She is also an insatiable houseplant enthusiast and has lost count of how many she actually has, but it has long-since passed the point of ridiculousness. 

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