Scholar Introduction: Katia Wright

Katia Wright is a part-time PhD Student at the University of Winchester. She has been studying medieval queenship for the last ten years, and her research interests include the troubles of fifteenth century dowager queens and the political impact of England’s French queens on Anglo-French relations during the Hundred Years’ War. Katia’s current research, for her PhD, is focused on the lands of fourteenth century English queens.

The queens’ lands are a fascinating subject that reveal a lot surrounding the queen’s position of power and the fourteenth century provides some great case studies. Katia has presented parts of her research at numerous academic conferences, most notably the Kings and Queens series organised by the Royal Studies Network, as well as at several public talks.

When Katia is not studying medieval queens, she is often working in the archive of the Adjutant General’s Corps Museum in which she also works as the Assistant Curator (Archives). On her days off she enjoys reading fantasy novels (especially anything featuring queens), a good Netflix binge, cooking, going for walks, and cuddles with her cat Oreo.

Katia’s current publications include:

Seah, M., and Wright, K., ‘The Medieval English Queen as Landholder: Some Reflections on Sources and Methodology’, in C. Sarti, (ed.), Women and Economic Power in Premodern Royal Courts (ARC Humanities Press: Leeds, 2020), 9-33.

Wright K., Legon, E., and Storey, M., (eds.), Royal Studies Journal Special Edition: Royal Sexualities (December 2019).

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